Collage NextGen by CloudScope

by CloudScope, LLC

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Collage displays images in the style of Instagram, using either a grid or detail display.

Collage NextGen is a way to beautifully display images within your Power BI report.

You can display images in either a compact grid display or a larger detail view in a style similar to Instagram.

To display an image, you provide a url. In addition to the image url, you can optionally display any of the following field types:

  • Caption
  • Media date
  • Media type
  • Video url
  • Comment count
  • Like count
  • Permalink
  • Author profile image
  • Author name
  • Caption sentiment

In addition, you can provide any generic data fields that you wish (number, true/false, date, string). These data elements will be automatically formatted in the familiar Instagram style for numbers and dates.

Some of the above fields are only shown in the detail view.

Collage can act as a filter to other visuals within your report. It also fully supports the Power BI bookmark feature.


The basic features of Collage NextGen by CloudScope are free to use and do not require a license. However, if you display more than 20 images, then a license is required.

For more information about licensing or to purchase a license, please visit

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