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Unlocks advanced data editing and seamless writeback using an intuitive grid visual

The Writeback Grid is a powerful visual that allows you to write back changed data to multiple data sources directly from within the Power BI platform in a secure and atomic manner. This is made possible through the use of a backend-agnostic web service that acts as an intermediary between the visual component and the backend, without storing any data. The communication itself is fully encrypted using the HTTPS protocol including an additional end-to-end encryption mechanism for the user credentials. Depending on your backend, you may need to whitelist the IP address of the web service in your firewall settings and open the inbound database ports. Please keep in mind that the web service is not able to connect to a non-exposed database such as "localhost" or "".

The Writeback Grid visual is particularly beneficial for business users and data analysts, as it enables them to enhance data quality, streamline workflows, and manually populate data to support data warehousing or machine learning processes. The free version of the Writeback Grid visual allows you to write back one row at a time, including a watermark. To unlock all features and capabilities, you can conveniently purchase a license from the AppSource, with license management handled in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

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