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Stacked Clustered Chart visualizes quick trends using multiple categories with drill downs

The stacked clustered chart is a great way to display contributions of parts of a whole effortlessly and depicting data values better and smarter, visually. For example, how much each categorical variable contributed to the revenue for a particular period. Stacked clustered charts allow you to comprehend data while being able to visually compare the total values in an effective way.

Stacked Clustered Chart or Clustered Stacked Chart by DEFTeam can be used to create drilldowns to visual data and analyze the data using three category variables along with one numerical variable. The Stacked Clustered Chart plugin lets you drill down data at different levels, quickly compare data across different categories, discover trends using multiple categories, and make faster data-driven decisions.

Stacked Clustered Chart for Power BI lets you:
  • Quickly compare data across multiple categories
  • Make faster data-driven decisions

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Stacked Clustered Chart Features
  • Drill down data (clicking on cluster will allow you to drill down to next level)
  • Use data labels (plot data labels on bar chart including total values)
  • Cross filters
  • No watermark

Here is link for Getting Started Guide clustered Stacked Chart Guide

Visual capabilities

When this visual is used, it
  • Can access external services or resources

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