Tabulator for PowerBI

by foxolabs

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The Tabulator PowerBI Visual is a powerful tool to enhance your reports

The Tabulator Custom Visual offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating interactive and customizable tables within your Power BI reports. This versatile visual tool allows you to import and bind data from your Power BI dataset, ensuring that your tables remain up-to-date as your data changes. You have the flexibility to define columns with various data types, titles, and formatting options, and the ability to group data based on specific criteria, providing users with a structured view of the information. Data sorting and filtering options enhance data exploration, and data pagination improves navigation and performance with large datasets. You can apply custom formatting to cell content, implement conditional formatting to highlight important data, and allow users to resize columns for better readability. Row selection and row click events provide further user interaction, and you can even create custom cell editors for in-place data editing. Tooltips offer additional information when users hover over cells, while styling and themes allow you to match the table's appearance to your report's aesthetics. The Tabulator Custom Visual supports localization to cater to diverse audiences and enables data export to various formats. It also offers data validation, interactivity features like row deletion and reordering, and the ability to utilize custom JavaScript functions and callbacks for advanced interactions. With these features, you can create dynamic and interactive tables tailored to your specific data visualization needs in Power BI.

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