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by Government of Western Australia - Department of Health

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Identify outliers in process data over time

Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts are a popular tool for monitoring outcomes over time. These charts allow you to identify whether a given observation is likely to be statistically different from the others, after accounting for the uncertainty due to differing/limited amounts of observations, by drawing "control limits" within which 99.8% of observations are expected to fall. The visual is implemented purely within PowerBI and has no dependencies on external programs like R or Python. The visual natively supports tooltips as well as cross-plot filtering and highlighting. The following chart types are (currently) implemented: - run: Run Chart - i: Individual Measurements (AKA XmR) - mr: Moving Range of Individual Measurements - p: Proportions - p': Proportions with Large-Sample Correction - u: Rates - u': Rates with Large-Sample Correction - c: Counts - xbar: Sample Means - s: Sample SDs - g: Number of Non-events Between Events - t: Time Between Events

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