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Create custom, data-driven chart and infographic animations based on any SVG image.

The Inovista Animator is a web based application that allows users to import SVG images and create intelligent animations that change their behavior based on external data. This Power BI visual allows a user to take a data-driven animation created in the Inovista Animator and load it into Power BI.

Variables in the animation can be linked directly to Power BI data values or defined as user editable properties. In the Animator, a full range of animations are available including Movement, Rotation, Scaling, Path Animation, Text Animation, Clipping, Masking, Text Offsets, Morphing and Wave Motions. Animation can also be driven by events such as mouse clicks.

  • This extension will take any animation created in the Inovista Animator and convert it into a Power BI component. Animations may be charts or infographics driven by Power BI data or simply decorative items such as moving logos.
  • The animations can be exported from the Animator as JSON files or they can be copied to the clipboard. In Power BI, the JSON file can be loaded or can be pasted directly from the clipboard.
  • In the Animator, all aspects of the animation can be modified by creating variables, for example how much of an image to display to simulate a bar chart. Each variable can be defined as either a data item or property. In Power BI, data items are linked to Power BI data and properties can be set by the user. Examples of properties may be fonts or colors.
  • Once defined, data values can be updated by filters or any data update.
  • Tooltips are available for all data driven element in the image. Each item has an optional tooltip checkbox which shows or hides the element tooltip

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