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Bring spatial insight to your data.

The 3DBI visual will allow you to visualize your data about your assets directly in its spatial context. Use cases range from Property Management, BIM (quantities, scheduling, …) to plotting IoT data (color and filter objects by temperature, humidity, co2-levels, occupancy, wear, …) as well as Logistics (stock management, order picking, …) and Energy (plotting yield of solar panels or windmill farms) or any other sector where you might have a need for visualizing data in a 3D environment. Now, 3DBI is not only a 3D model viewer for Power BI, it is a toolchain. In order to get 3D models in Power BI, these 3D models need to be created in a 3D modelling application. Currently we support 2 modelling applications and 1 stand-alone file format from which a 3d model that is suitable for the 3DBI viewer for Power BI can be generated: 1. Trimble SketchUp: 2. Autodesk Revit: 3. IFC files: Tutorials on how to generate a model suitable for the 3DBI visual for Power BI can be found on the respective pages. Licensing information is also available on the same pages.

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