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Track all your projects with full visibility of every phase and milestone!

In case you would like to customize functionality of the plug-in to meet your specific business needs, please reach out at:

Custom Gantt charts from Lingaro allow you to visualize multiple project tasks with all dates in single-row view. This way, tracking several projects is easier than ever!

Meet a more powerful Gantt chart

Traditional Gantt charts are designed to track simple schedules. They have limited vews that often include only project names, start dates, and end dates.

Lingaro's custom Gantt charts deliver a more comprehensive view of large portfolio's of complex projects, frequently found in enterprise environments.

Features include:

  • An unlimited number of dates per project
  • Automatic creation of project phases for each pair of dates
  • Automatic color-coding for each project phase
  • Project milestones assignable to individual dates within a given project
  • Many visualization and tooltip formatting options, including adjustable date formats
  • Visible column headers for your data
  • Sorting by categories or by earliest dates
  • Dynamically adjusting timeline based on used data
  • Support for PowerBI formatting options such as different colors for Legend field or hierarchical view for Category field

Get started with custom visuals

If this is your first time working with custom visuals, please follow Microsoft’s instructions on how to import custom visuals into Power BI desktop.

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Here you can also find a short “Quick Start” guide covering our visuals’ basic functions.

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