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TMap is a drilldownable thematic map visual for Power BI.

Create a custom visual to show the relationship between a marker layer and a polygon layer with the TMap Visual. In the process of slicing and selection, the marker layer will be dynamically linked with the polygon layer. Furthermore, the marker layer can be drilled down and drilled up by a hierarchy of polygon layers or geographic names. TMap Visual is free to use with all features in Power BI Desktop. However, some features need to pay license fees in other environment such as Power BI service, Power BI report server and embedded environment. When the features need additional purchase, a watermark "Free Trial" will be appeared on the background.

Main features Include:
  • The marker layer needs longitude and latitude for positioning, and can be adjusted by size and color.
  • The polygon layer requires WKT (Well Known Text) format and will be validated and filter out invalid polygons.
  • Markers can be shown as the following types: circle, square, triangle, hexagon, star, diamond.
  • 9 types of thematic map (Proportional Symbol Map, Pie Chart Map, Bar Chart Map, Donut Chart Map, Stacked Bar Chart Map, Graduated Color Map, Categorical Color Map, Filled Map and Choropleth Map) can be created by using the TMap visual.
  • Drill down choropleth map, donut chart map, pie chart map, bar chart map and stacked bar chart map by using the polygon layers or geographic names. Demo can be seen from here.
  • Labels can be adjusted in size, color, font family and background, and only be shown in a large scale to avoid overlapping.
  • Legend can be added to map to explain the symbol size and color.
  • The map can be shown without base map tiles from Internet.
  • The visual can be published to Power BI online or report server on premise as needed.

Visual capabilities

When this visual is used, it
  • Can access external services or resources

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