Multi target KPI

by Alex Kolokolov

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Crisp-n-clear visualization for your KPIs!

We are developing dashboards for 12 years, and business customers often ask for several indicators for cards: v/s target, previous year and something else.
Also specific labels alignment, which is possible with separate text labels. Instead of this we developed «all-in-one» KPI card and share it with you for free.

Key features:

  • Up to 3 additional indicators in the single card
  • Category multiplies
  • Pixel perfect alignment setting for non-designers
  • Built-in (blank) & NaN turn-off
  • Simple conditional formatting

You will save your time for design and developing supplementary measures. Also you will optimize report performance: it works in a single query.
Start a new level of business dashboarding!

This card is designed to display the main indicator with several deviation indicators with advanced color formatting settings.

To use the visual element, add measures to the following fields:

  1. Main measure (required)
  2. Category
  3. Additional measures (no more than three)
  4. Tooltips

You can change the settings of layout type and color conditional formatting for additional measures.

Visual capabilities

This visual is certified by Power BI

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