Line with Bubble Chart

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Chart with combination of Line & bubble in which both objects can be derive with a numerical measure

Chart with the combination of Line and bubble in which both objects can be derive through a numerical field/measure Key features: • Users can flip X and Y axis - User Can Rotate the chart (vertical to horizontal) • Users can Zoom into a certain section in a chart • Ability to add growth trends and connectors on command • Ability to add reference lines on command • Flag on command differences between two data points in the graph, user should be able to select 2 points in a chart and then on tool tip or right click user should be able to see simple status like sum, avg, diff of those points • User should be able to change and select custom ranges shown on the Y axis of the charts • Each line in this chart represents one category and for each line we have shapes on connection points now those shapes for each category must be configurable Sample Key: Yt&CKwBGtTr8[Xyu This charts full features are available after getting a license. For charges please click on the Logo of Office Solution available on the visual.

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