Multiple Stacked Charts

by Pro2Future GmbH

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Visual for comparing multiple data columns that share one X-axis.

Multiple Stacked Charts is a visual tool that can be used to compare numerical data over a common date or numerical X-axis. It avoids the issue of occlusion and visual clutter, that appears in other types of visualizations by displaying each parameter in a separate plot. This makes it easier to compare multiple parameters that have different characteristics or ranges. It can be useful in industries such as manufacturing and finance where multiple parameters need to be compared. It allows you to easily see patterns and differences between these parameters for making informed decisions. There is an option to augment data points with colors based on categorical data. This feature makes it easier to distinguish between measurement sources or error types, for example. Additionally, plots that use this augmentation can be filtered by additional categorical or numerical columns, allowing for more precise analysis and comparisons of your data. Multiple Stacked Charts also provides features such as a vertical ruler, heatmap analysis, rectangle plot overlays, zooming and panning. Additionally, it is possible to customize axis labels, ticks, and plot ranges. You can also set a colored background based on a categorical data column.

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