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Explore hierarchical data with color-coded concentric rings | Power BI certified

Sunburst by MAQ Software

Sunburst by MAQ Software offers a dynamic way to visualize hierarchical data through nested, color-coded rings. This visualization tool transforms complex data into an easily understandable radial treemap or multilevel pie chart, enabling users to see the data as interconnected parts of a whole. Its customizable features ensure that different categories are distinct and patterns within the data are highlighted, potentially revealing insights that might otherwise remain hidden.

Key benefits

  • Customizable arcs: Tailor the appearance of each ring to fit your data visualization needs.
  • Customizable detail labels: Improve readability with adjustable labels for complex datasets.
  • Zoom-in animation: Dive deeper into the data with smooth zoom-in functionality.
  • Customizable data colors: Color code your data for quick category identification.
  • Cross-filtering support: Interactive legend values and circles for in-depth data exploration.
  • Bookmark support: Easily save and revisit specific views of your data.
  • Custom report tooltip support: Provide additional information with custom tooltips.
  • Drill through: Access further data layers with drill-through capabilities.

What's new (Version 4.0.0)

  • Updated context menu: Improved right-click menu options for easier navigation.
  • Detail label improvements: Optimized label display for handling large datasets more effectively.

Use cases

  • Sales: Showcase sales distribution across various demographics and regions to pinpoint key markets.
  • International sales: Analyze export values by location to identify your most profitable areas.
  • Finance: Get a clear breakdown of revenue sources to better understand financial inflows.

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