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Provides searching and slicing data with extensive customization

This visual searches and filters data to provide data selections via tiles with extensive customization for each component. - Features . Search single or multiple items in your data . Power BI inherently provides 30,000 records but we use its 'fetchMoreData' API to get the maximum number of records available. . There are two panels, one with a complete dataset and another with only selected items. User selections will appear in the top panel while the panel below will contain unselected tiles . Filter button clears all selection as well as text input . Select all button selects all tiles in visual instead of selecting each one separately. . Users can restrict selected tiles e.g. by default it shows 4. Users can manage this count as well as the height of the selected panel. All selection which exceeded can ab accessed by showing more link below top selection panel . By clicking on tile user can select or deselect tiles . Select single or multiple tiles, user can set a restriction on the maximum amount of tiles could be selected . It provides these widely used Power BI features Sync slicer, bookmarks, and high contrast mode - Formatting Visual is highly customizable with its all components . Users can set the number of columns for each selected and unselected panel. Each panel can be customized with background color, text color, and padding of each tile inside the panel . Each tile can be customized with font-family, text-size, alignment, border-color, border-radius, and hover color . Search input text color is also customizable Please contact us at for your suggestions or feature requests.

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