100% Stacked Column chart with value label (Not %)


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Show value instead of % in your 100% stacked column chart

Use absolute value instead of % value to show an additional information in your 100% Stacked column charts.
This is useful to identify and avoid negligible absolute value differences that can have large % variances.
For e.g. Think doubling sales from 1 USD to 2 USD = 100% in an emerging market and comparing that to your mature market which goes from 1 Million USD to 1.1 Million USD = 10%. You would want to draw attention to the 10% irrespective of the 100% emerging market's success (example credit to David Moss from Power BI Forum)

Features in this always free visual:
Rich Formatting Options - titles, labels, and tooltips, font sizes, colors, background colors.

Additional Features available through advanced customization using our editing tool :
Layout Options : Deep customization including options that Power BI doesn't allow to edit in Desktop directly
  • Colour for the categories
  • Custom label formatting
  • Custom Tooltip formatting

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