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Show relationship between data sets by combining columns, lines, scatter, area on dual Y-axes

Dual Y-Axis Combo Chart lets you display different types of data in different ways in the same chart. It is ideal to use combo chart when:
There are mixed data types (for example, price or volume)
There is a need to show some kind of relationship or trend between the data types
The numbers in the data vary widely across data types
Any outliers need to be identified

Using PBIVizEdit's Dual Y-Axis Combo (Pro) visual you can create variations of series types. For example,
  • Basic charts with multiple data like line, area, scatter, column charts
  • Stacked and 100% stacked charts
  • Combo charts with combination of column, scatter, line and/or area
  • Column Charts with patterns
  • Line charts with smooth lines, stepped lines
This visual is free forever in Power BI Desktop. To use it in:
Trial License:
Power BI web service, click on Buy now to get free trial license. For Other Power BI platforms, to get free trial license click here

Purchase License:
Power BI service (Power BI Pro)- Purchase license available in the "Plans + Pricing" tab. Power BI premium (A1 to A6 and P1 to P5 SKUs)- Purchase license from our website

  • Modify size/width, color and transparency of series
  • Formatting with patterns, line style and marker types
  • Conditional color formatting and advance sorting
  • Custom label formatting and small multiples
  • General Power BI features like tooltip page, drill down

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