IFRS Reporter

by Awara IT Solutions LLC

Russian accounting standards (RAS) to International financial reports standard (IFRS) transformation

What is Awara IFRS Reporter

Awara IFRS reporter is a tool that moves the manual (e.g. XLS based) routines into a system that is person-independent.
Key approach of Awara IFRS Reporter is to convert Russian accounting standards into IFRS accounts according to pre-defined mapping rules. Once having set up the reporter, the preparation of reports is done as automatically as possible. Mapping rules are flexibly set up, and allow making complex transformations. Awara IFRS Reporter gets data from various ERP and accounting systems without using any additional local files. Final reports can be exported from Awara IFRS Reporter.


Full and correct audit trail, possibility to track down numbers from the IFRS accounts back to Russian accounts on transaction level, dealing with accruals and adjustments etc.


Minimum manual operations that dont require much time and efforts automated Trial Balance report preparation based on Russian accounting standards Fast Close implementation - IFRS close happens earlier than RAS “Drill-Down” from reporting results to the most detailed level of the initial Russian transaction Online IFRS reports available for any time span.

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