Excel Compare

by DataChant

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Excel auditing tool. Compare two revisions of an Excel workbook. Detect cell changes and errors.

Automatically audit your mission-critical Excel spreadsheets and track changes and errors over time without opening the workbooks. This app compares two revisions of an Excel workbook and detects changes and errors in cells across all the matching tabs. Store the revisions of an Excel workbook on a SharePoint site, and the app can import the latest two workbooks to track new changes and errors.

The app includes the following features:

  • Interactive report pages to slice and dice value changes, errors and grid data
  • Detection of changes in values
  • Detection of Excel errors
  • Detection of new or missing worksheets
  • Cell comparison by row and column coordinates across matching worksheets
  • Detection of blank columns and rows
  • Blank rows and columns will not affecting the comparison
  • Set scheduled refresh to track changes and errors automatically

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