Microsoft Customer Engagement - Sales Analytics

by FuturIT

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Analyze Microsoft Customer Engagement data to increase Sales effectiveness.

This application is available in Dutch

Analyze Microsoft Customer Engagement data to increase sales effectiveness and maximize productivity.

The PowerBI Customer Engagement Analytics allows Sales operations management and Accounts to identify and analyze things like:

  • What are my major opportunities coming period
  • Which accounts have the biggest impact on turnover
  • How are my win & loss compared to previous period / sales rep.
  • What is my segmentation of accounts

Using the insights found in PowerBI Customer Engagement Analytics template app, sales operations professionals can:

  • Focus on the high impact opportunities - With the deep link in the report they can directly dive into the details and act to make an offer.
  • Run deeper analyses - Perform deeper analyses and run comprehensive insight using the standard attributes in Customer Engagement and make sure they are filled in correctly.
  • Optimize sales performance - Measure relationship-building activities and improve team and rep performance by identifying areas of opportunities.

To get started with this integration users must:

  • PowerBI Pro license for each user who is going to access the app.
  • Be an Admin on Microsoft Customer Engagement application
  • URL - Microsoft Customer Engagement

60 day(s) trail

Supported countries:

Netherlands, Belgium

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