Power BI-Khoros Community Analytics

by iTalent Digital

Power BI-Khoros Community Analytics allows you to quickly connect and analyze your Khoros community.

Power BI-Khoros Community Analytics provides insights into your Khoros community activity, users registrations, retention. Analyze all your Khoros community data with our scalable and extensible Power BI solution app. Take advantage of deeply informative and compelling Power BI reports to start analyzing your community data. In just a few clicks you can quickly pull historical and latest message, user, and boards metrics from your community data. Analyze and gain deep insights about your community data by looking at important metrics like total users, recent registrations, retention rate, recent messages, and replies. Gain immediate insights into your community activities and which boards and communities are getting more posts, as well as what issues users are facing when using the product and solutions to those issues. The sample data and report will be installed in your Power BI service, so you can create data mashups using additional data sources or customize the reports to fit your own needs. With Power BI-Khoros Community Analytics by iTalent Digital you can: · Get started quickly with pre-built data models for advanced community and social analytics reporting. · Get insights about your community users, retention, visitor growth and contributions to the community. · Go back in history to do trend analyses. To get connected with your live community data, load historical community data, and configure and schedule data refreshes, contact us.

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