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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Process Analyzer


4.0 (13)

See the performance and throughput of your business processes by volume and duration in stages.

This content pack is designed for anyone who wants to monitor business process flows or build an analytic view for a specific process. Connect it to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ver. 8.2) account to get insights into your business process flows, your process stage funnel, and more. Track service performance with metrics like volume in processes (broken down by stage) with average duration in stage, the process stage funnel, volume over stage completion date, and velocity through stages (with duration and days since completed). Create a custom dashboard that focuses on just one business process by setting the process filter to the process of your choice. You can then embed this custom view directly in your Dynamics 365 environment. Schedule automatic data updates to ensure you can always make the most informed and timely decisions.