Revelation PowerBI reports

by Yellowfish Software

Provide insight into ticket metrics through reports with the PowerBI app for Revelation helpdesk

The Revelation helpdesk template app allows managers and team leaders to analyze your Revelation ticket and asset data in Power BI. You can securely connect the report data set to your instance of Revelation helpdesk using your public helpdesk URL and a Client ID / Passcode generated in the Revelation admin area (V20.9 or later).

What kind of reports can be created?
  • Open Ticket Volumes
  • Closed Ticket Statistics (last six months)
  • Staff Closure Performance
  • CSAT Ratings & Asset Details

This report data set in the app can be used to create new reports or you can customize the existing reports and build dashboards with the various report elements to suit your needs. The report data is updated daily and is stored in Power BI.

For the app to function properly and display live data, you must have an instance of Revelation helpdesk. However, you can also simply browse the reports using the sample data in the that already exists within the app.

Don’t have Revelation helpdesk? Schedule a demo here for a one-on-one customized walkthrough of Revelation helpdesk to see how it will work with this app.

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