Stimulsoft BI Designer

by Stimulsoft OU

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Stimulsoft BI Designer is a powerful tool which helps you transform your data into reports.

Stimulsoft BI Designer is a tool for creating reports and dashboards. Using the product, you can visualize and analyze all data types. Stimulsoft Designer allows you to create, edit, view, print, export documents, and work with the cloud. This is a standalone application that will provide a full cycle of designing reports and dashboards. The designer uses the latest standards and technologies to analyze and visualize data quickly.

Stimulsoft Designer includes the engine to generate reports and analyze data, report designer, and viewer. These components work on every device - PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones. All reports and dashboards have a single universal format and work on any operating system.
All you need is to connect your data, drag it onto the template page, configure the display, and save the finished document. You can send it by Email, share it on social networks, publish it on your Web site or at any time continue to work with it in the designer.
We offer you a well-selected set of components – charts, tables, barcodes, primitives, etc. All components support styles, which means you can customize them.

Using Stimulsoft Designer, you can easily design reports from a simple list to multi-paged, with complex calculations, conditions, functions, and variables. In just a few clicks, you can create understandable and informative dashboards, set filters, and sorting for any element.

Stimulsoft BI Designer can easily manage with any data set - more than 30 different adapters are available, expressions and parameters in queries, grouping, sorting, data transformation. You may use various data sources in one report and dashboard.


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