SkyLIne ERP SaaS (Pro)

by 2M Technologies

SkyLIne: A Complete ERP and Management SaaS for Manufacturers

Manufacturers - are you challenged by the following:
      • Manual Data Entry or Siloed Information?
      • Getting Realtime Data?
      • Quality Issues and Rework Concerns?
      • Scheduling Inaccuracies?
      • Lack of Materials Planning?
      • Supply Chain Woes?
      • Aging Servers?
      • High IT Service Bills?

If you do, SkyLIne Pro from 2M Technologies is here to resolve your challenges.

SkyLIne Pro is Full-featured ERP Software as a Service, developed specifically for Manufacturers and is securely hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

This subscription service provides management with visibility of quotes and prospects, orders and shipments, sales and invoicing, supply chain, returns processing, inventory control, reordering and valuation, procurement and purchasing, production, bills of material and routing steps and analytics.
Customer Service can get fast answers to Customer Queries and Operations can quickly get to the business of business with powerful modules and comprehensive, role-based access control (RBAC).
Production can get quick access to inventory availability, supplier orders and work in process.
Create production orders directly from sales orders.
Built-in credit checking ensures you don't ship items to the wrong people.
Purchase and cost history let you keep control of your bottom line.

It connects and simplifies your entire Enterprise by bringing together:
  • Sales orders, shipping, billing, special pricing and tracking number integration from shipping stations.
  • Customer service and Workflow Tracking.
  • Accounts receivable and credit checking.
  • Inventory control and exception tracking, lot control and serial number tracking, valuation and trending.
  • Vendor purchase order processing, receipt processing and inspection, costing and returns processing.
  • Bills of materials (BOM), production routes and certificates of analysis creation.
  • Work orders, shop floor control and manufacturing (including Scap and Waste).
  • Neutracutical applications: Formulation, batch production orders, bottling orders, CofAs, formula quotes, QC management and microbiology testing modules.
  • Complete Sales Analysis
  • In-Transit Tracking
  • Physical Inventory Counting and Reconciliation

AP and GL Modules are available with an add-on Subscription to SkyLIne AP-GL.

If your operation has outgrown QuickBooks, Sage or similar products and needs more from your Business Software while keeping costs reasonable, SkyLIne Pro is definitely for you.

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