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365Tribe Ltd

Educate ALL of your Office 365 users

The YourTribeApp is our unique mobile app designed to work alongside our Digital Champions Programmes ensuring all users have the ability to learn Office 365 on-demand. The YourTribeApp has been carefully developed to provide organisations with a simplified solution that educates users, new starters and FrontLine Workers to want to know more. On-demand access to our regularly updated video library, enables users to learn key day to day tasks as and when they need to. The App houses over 150 Office 365 videos across all applications, along with our short user focused knowledge checks, and ability for users to obtain digital badges ‘I’m a Teams Player’ to showcase their skills. 365Tribe work with you to onboard your users into the YourTribeApp. Simple to deploy, the Mobile App is designed for all users, its clean UI makes it easy to navigate, access from anywhere and takes users on an adoption journey with rewards along the way. The result of this is a thriving, educated user base, increased awareness, skills and productivity across the organisation.