AutomationEdge Hyperautomation Platform

by AutomationEdge Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Hyperautomation Platform and Solution for Digital Enterprises

The AutomationEdge Hyperautomation Platform is an integrated approach to enabling digital transformation across business functions. It combines elements of automation, Artificial Intelligence, ETL, Machine Learning, integration and smart analytics to enable end-to-end workflows that go beyond RPA. AutomationEdge helps organizations automate not only mundane, repetitive, rule-based tasks but also complex, cross-functional tasks across the enterprise, whether in the front office, middle office or back office.

To make automation implementation quick, AutomationEdge offers SolFlos, which are ready-to-use automation solutions that use cutting-edge technology such as AI, DocEdge Intelligent Document Processing, CogniBot – AI Chatbot for IT Support, and automation to automate tasks or processes. Be it any industry, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, IT, or Healthcare & Homecare, these SolFlos are designed to be easy to use, need little to no coding experience, and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

It also offers a library of reusable pre-built robots/adaptors, named AutomationEdge Bot Store, to quicken the development cycle. The store includes pre-built automation for IT, HR, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, spreadsheet processing, ERP, CRM, AML, etc.

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