Simple and intuitive management of payroll and HR processes

RH4ALL - Human Resources

CPCIT4ALL RH4ALL solution is aimed at human resource management teams, fully integrated with Business Central 365.

This application allows, simply and intuitively, to centralize all the information related to the processes of Employee Management, payroll processing, training management and occupational health and safety. It provides HR teams the ability to extract legal reports related to the human resources area.

Benefits of the different modules

Human Capital

· Employee data

· History of employee data

· Benefits management

· Insurance management

· Holidays Plans

· Disciplinary proceedings

Payment Cycle

· Absences

· Variable Remuneration

· Variable deductions

· Debt Amortization Plan

· Retroactive Movements

· Payroll

· Payments

· Social security


· Integration with Accounting


· Records of training needs;

· Training catalogue;

· Training plan;

· Training sessions;

Health & Safety

· Registration of requests for occupational health consultations

· Schedule of occupational medicine appointments

· Records of accidents/incidents at work

· Registration of temporary disabilities

· Management of safety and security equipment

At a glance