Advanced Cost Allocations

by IT.integro sp. z o.o.

Precise cost calculation for production orders with cost allocation and variance reclassification

Advanced Cost Allocations is an app that ensures precise calculation and settlement of production costs in Dynamics 365 Business Central. It unlocks the accurate valuation of manufacturing output and enhances control over production costs. It provides powerful features that extend the standard Business Central cost allocation functionality, enabling you to:

  • calculate and register production costs by using advanced reclassification/allocation of costs and cost variances;
  • use parallel posting based on different cost classifications (cost type and business function/cost center);
  • define cost allocation steps and sequences to properly transfer and settle costs at relevant G/L accounts;
  • reclassify and allocate costs to relevant G/L accounts in Business Central according to defined or calculable allocation keys;
  • calculate the actual cost of finished products, taking into account the variances between the standard and actual production costs;
  • settle production cost variances by assigning costs to open production orders or by adjusting the value of finished products.

With its flexible functionality, the app allows you to set up custom rules for posting and valuation of production costs without the need to make additional modifications to Business Central or engage external consultants.

Advanced Cost Allocations can be easily adapted to meet the accounting and business requirements of manufacturing companies in different countries.


  • Tight control over production cost
  • Precise calculation of the cost of a finished product taking into account standard and actual cost variances
  • Streamlined and customizable cost posting and cost reclassification/allocation to selected production orders in Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Parallel posting of cost based on different classifications


Subscription: 1,5 euro/full user/month

Perpetual License: 40 euro/user

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Supported Editions

Advanced Cost Allocations can be used with either the Essentials or Premium version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

Supported Languages

English (United States), Polish (Poland)

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