LeBit Bonus

by LeBit Software & Consult GmbH

Optimize Loyalty Programs: LeBit Bonus for Effortless Management!

Simplify Bonus Programs: LeBit Bonus Ensures Precision and Profitability!

Bonus systems, as a means of customer retention, are not only becoming increasingly popular but also more complex. Errors in billing can cost either money or customer satisfaction.

What Do I Get?

With LeBit Bonus, you can manage various customer bonus contracts, including quantity tiers, percentage or fixed values, payment thresholds, and more. Delivered or invoiced quantities/values form the basis. Services can also be excluded from bonuses.

Why Would I want this?

LeBit Bonus offers a comprehensive solution to handle diverse customer bonus structures. It automates the process of generating credits for bonus recipients, impacting customer and product profitability.

How Will It Help Me?

The system calculates credits for bonus recipients in a periodic run, directly impacting the customer and product contribution margin. You can also create periodic bonus provisions, ensuring that monthly financial statements already consider estimated bonus liabilities.

Simplify your bonus management and enhance customer loyalty with LeBit Bonus. Gain control over complex bonus structures, automate credit generation, and boost profitability effortlessly.

Supported Editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Supported Languages:

German and English

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