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It opens up cost accounting to different sources, linked to areas other than accounting ones

The Microsoft ERP standard includes features to manage cost accounting, with the capability of posting general ledger entries with correspondence between accounts and cost types and dimensions and cost centres. It often happens, however, that companies need to manage their business with management information related to forecast data or areas other than accounting.
Examples of this are sales and purchasing data or internal values linked to resource activities, such as salaries, travel and management costs, which are provided in a more detailed or more organised form by cost types and cost centres.
If you use the standard ERP, the only way to enter these additional details would be to prepare the data on an external medium (the classic Excel sheet or non-accounting movement sources) and then set up a manual entry for the cost accounting.
TEMPO ZERO COA adds to Dynamics 365 Business Central the capability to define customized sources and rules for capturing cost data from various sources.
The APP does not depend on other applications, apart from the standard ones, so it can be installed in any environment and provides entry points for customised data input with acquisition from customer-specific data sources.
Benefits for people working in accounting offices:
- introduction of an environment for modular features into the ERP standard
- introduction of automatisms that facilitate work and avoid errors
- extension of the features of the company's standard environment with the acquisition of detailed information deemed significant, such as orders, loads and shipments, movements of other group companies
- capability of adding to the library of acquisition sources also functions created in other Apps referring to archives, even non-standard ones
- introduction of the feature of deleting generated entries as required

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This app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics365 Business Central
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