Sales Commissions

by NIC Systems Inc.

Manage and track sales commissions

Sales Commissions empowers companies to automate their sales commission processes to increase accuracy and reduce time spent on administrative tasks. With its intuitive features, the app enhances transparency in the compensation system, fostering increased motivation for sales representatives to achieve sales targets.

Sales Commissions enables users to manage and process commission initiatives directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Using configurable commission structures, users can create tailored plans for different combinations of items, customers, and agents (salesperson/vendor). With robust reporting and analysis features, the app empowers users to generate a variety of reports and analytics, providing valuable insights into commission performance and facilitating the evaluation of commission program effectiveness.

Types of Users

  • Sales Managers

  • Financial Managers

  • Sales and Marketing Employees

  • Financial and Accounting Employees

Customer Needs

Companies require an intuitive way to manage and process their commission initiatives. They require the ability to create multiple policies based on the different customers, items, and agents. Users need a way to apply different commission calculation methods based on unit of measure or percentage of sales or profit. They also require the ability to create tiered systems and apply them to calculation methods.

Users need easy access to commission entries to understand and keep track of key information regarding commission transactions, including the amount of the commission, and the dollar amount to be paid to the agent. Users require the ability to pay the commission depending on whether the sales document is fully paid.

Key Features

  • Customizable Commission Programs: Users can create commission programs to meet the different salesperson motivation strategies being applied to their agents. This feature allows users to customize the commission programs based on the combination of items, customer, and agents.
  • Set Commission Calculation Methods: Users can create commissions using calculation methods that best suit their commission program. Users can specify whether commissions should be calculated based on a percentage or on a per unit of measure. Offering the flexibility to set commission calculation method based on percentage of sales amount, sales profit, or profit margin.
  • Define Tiered Systems: Customize commission calculations to consider tiered systems that you can define.
  • Apply Commission to Sales Document: Commissions can be calculated for sales orders and credit memos. From the sales document you can use the preview posting function to see what commission entries will be created.
  • View Commission History: Users can keep track of and view pertinent information relating to commission programs for greater financial reporting flexibility, thereby providing a clear and accurate picture of your financial commitments.
  • View Detailed Commission History: Users can keep track of and view additional information including the calculated amount of the commission, the amount that is to be paid to the agent, and much more.
  • Manage Posting Commission to Agent: Users can post commissions to agents either manually or via scheduled routine. An agent can be a salesperson employee or a vendor. Commission amounts are posted to the corresponding employee/vendor ledger for easy tracking and payout capabilities. Rules can be configured so that if commissions are scheduled, they will not post to the agent until the source document is paid in full or not.

Supported Countries

Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States

Supported Languages

English, French, and Spanish

Supported Editions

Essentials and Premium

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