DYCE Smart Workflow Tool

by Singhammer IT Consulting AG

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DYCE Smart Workflow Tool allows you to create your own workflows and to cluster documents by status

DYCE Smart Workflow Tool

This app allows users to categorize documents by assigning a workflow and setting a status based on that workflow. Both the workflow and the status can be used for filtering and clustering. In addition, it provides the ability to route a specific document to another team or department by setting an appropriate status.
Setting a specific status can also trigger an action, such as releasing the document. An advanced integration with Power Automate will follow shortly.

Join forces with DYCE Cockpit

Teaming up with DYCE Cockpit unleashes the combined power of using workflows and clustering documents on the one hand and displaying documents with relevant status in the user's personal Role Center on the other hand.

Features & benefits of Smart Workflow Tool

  • Define individual workflows for documents of the same type
  • Cluster documents based on statuses
  • (Show current document status in lists and cards)
  • In conjunction with DYCE Cockpit, display the relevant documents per role in the role center
  • Significantly simplifies keeping track
  • History of set statuses incl. user and date
  • Define actions that are executed when a status is set

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Supported Versions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

Users worldwide can use this application.

Supported languages

DYCE Smart Workflow Tool is available in English and German.

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