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Empower your team to brainstorm better and faster with Ideamap

Ideamap is an AI assisted visual brainstorming app built for Microsoft Teams. It helps you and your team generate ideas and collaborate in real-time. You can use Ideamap to brainstorm new product features, marketing ideas, grow your business, and more. Ideamap transforms your brainstorming sessions into fun, engaging, and highly productive meetings.

Easy Setup

1. Add Ideamap to the sidebar

2. Click 'Connect Ideamap with Microsoft Teams' on behalf of all tenant users

3. Create or login to your Ideamap account

4. Create a free workspace following the setup process

5. Add Ideamap to channels or tabs where you work with ideas.

You can use the basic version of Ideamap for free and upgrade when you are ready. Each team can have their own workspace and paid plans are available on a per user basis.

Core Features

- Workspaces: Create and manage multiple virtual spaces tailored to specific teams and projects.

- Rooms: Virtual brainstorming canvas for real-time team collaboration.

- Share and Embed: Share brainstorming sessions and embed them in other platforms.

- Import and Export: Import data from other sources and export ideas for use in other - applications.

AI Features

- Idea Generation: Generate unique and inspiring ideas with AI..

- Copilots: AI assistants provide real-time guidance and support.

- Framework Templates: AI-powered frameworks such as Six Thinking Hats or SWOT Analysis.

- Challenge Suggestions: Analyse and identify potential challenges in your organisation using AI.

- Inspiration: AI-driven inspiration to overcome creative blocks.

- Visualisation: Transform ideas into visual representations using AI.

Facilitate Features

- Timer: Start countdowns to ensure efficient time use.

- Voting: Enable participants to vote on ideas democratically.

- Summary: Wrap up sessions with summaries and next steps.

- Guests: Invite external participants to contribute to sessions.

Why incorporate AI in brainstorming?

The aim of using AI in brainstorming should be, in our opinion, to amplify human creativity. We think AI is an ideal partner for ideation - it facilitates a continuous flow of inspiration, supports idea exchanges, can provide feedback from various perspectives and can help finding trends, enhancing the overall brainstorming experience.

What type of AI do you use?

Ideamap uses ChatGPT by OpenAI (GPT3.5 & GPT4) for generating text content and Stability AI for generating illustrations.

To get started with Ideamap you can either install this app or go to

If you need any support or need to contact us, go to

This app may contain AI-generated content. If you have any objections or feedback to AI-generated content please contact us at

App capabilities

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  • Can send data over the Internet
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