Jira integration by adenin

by adenin TECHNOLOGIES Inc

Get insights into your team's Jira tasks by embedding them into SharePoint

Enhance your SharePoint workflow by integrating Jira seamlessly with adenin's innovative platform. This integration transforms the way you manage tasks, bugs, and user stories by pulling them directly into your SharePoint environment, streamlining your work process within Microsoft 365. Say goodbye to constant tab switching and lost context, and hello to efficiency and clarity.

✅ **Unified View**: Gain a comprehensive overview of your Jira tasks, including tickets, comments, and updates, all within a single SharePoint Web part.

✅ **Advanced Search**: Quickly define your own JQL queries to locate specific sets of tasks, shining a light on your path to productivity.

✅ **Real-Time Updates**: Stay informed with live data synchronization, ensuring you're always up-to-date with the latest project developments.

✅ **Developer-Friendly**: Tailor your Jira & SharePoint integration effortlessly with adenin's API-first design, catering to your unique project needs.

Frequently asked questions about SharePoint Jira integration

What data sources are available for Jira?

Jira offers a variety of data sources, including "Filtered Issues," "Issue List (JQL)," and "Open Issues," allowing for a detailed and comprehensive view of your tasks directly within SharePoint.

Is the SharePoint integration free?

While SharePoint serves as a free channel within adenin, integrating Jira data may involve additional charges based on your adenin plan. For detailed pricing information, please refer to adenin's pricing page.

Who benefits from integrating Jira with SharePoint?

This integration is ideal for IT and Customer Service teams in organizations of all sizes, simplifying task management without requiring extensive technical knowledge. adenin facilitates the entire process, from authentication to data presentation in SharePoint.

What is adenin?

Adenin is a platform that integrates all kinds of work apps into a personal dashboard as well as your other work applications, such as intranets or chatbots. Bear in mind that, even though channels such as SharePoint are free, the use of adenin (including using data from Jira) incurs usage charges according to your plan. See the pricing page for details →

Do I need to be a developer to use this integration?

No, the integration is designed with busy managers in mind, eliminating the need for coding skills. adenin provides an intuitive, low-code Card designer for easy setup and customization, ensuring a smooth integration process.

How is my Jira data secured with adenin?

Adenin uses secure OAuth standards for all data transactions, guaranteeing that your data remains safe and under your control. You can revoke access at any time, with data directly transmitted to SharePoint without being stored on adenin servers.

By adopting adenin for your SharePoint and Jira integration, you're equipped to elevate your productivity, ensuring a harmonious, efficient workspace where data accessibility and management are streamlined for your convenience.

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