Financial Risk Management

by Alpha Analytics and Information Technology Inc

Based on risk control models, construct the most comprehensive indicator system for risk analysis.

o Algorithm:

data mining and analysis, AI, knowledge graph, data visualization

· Risk Control Model:

based on a risk control model covering macro, medium and micro, as well as upstream, midstream and downstream information, and build the most comprehensive risk analysis index system.

· Data Intelligence Analysis:

intelligently analyze data and provide services such as risk assessment, credit rating, and collection strategies to help customers reduce risks and costs, and improve payback rates and efficiency.

· Data Visualization Display:

provide data visualization display, such as charts, dashboards, maps, etc., so that customers can intuitively see the changes and trends of the data, and improve the readability and value of the data.

Application Scenario:

finance, insurance, energy, logistics, and manufacturing, as well as various organizations such as governments and corporations.

In additionwe also provide financial analysis such as

1. Asset Management

2. Marketing

3. Macroeconomic Analysis

4. Industry Analysis

5. Policy Analysis

6. Public Opinion Analysis

7. Competition Analysis(SWOT Analysis)

8. Employee/Recruitment Analysis

9. Financial Statement Analysis

10. Bond Analysis

11. Patent Analysis

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