Relevant Match™

by Relevant Software

Relevant Match™ App boosts your Proposal Wins with Statistical Matching Analysis.

Relevant Match™ is a desktop application that measures the progress of your written proposal compared to the RFP/Solicitation key points. Developed over 20 years of working proposals, Relevant Match™ jump starts your key themes, then keeps you on target. Remember competitive proposals are scored, not read. Relevant Match™ examines the work statement like a fingerprint, then calculates a match score and keeps track of each version, so you can rewrite and mature the proposal efficiently. Upload your Word or .PDF documents in just two clicks. One more click launches the analysis feature giving you and your team insight into the proposal. The whole cycle takes about 15 minutes, so you can run the analysis as quickly as you make changes in your proposal. Easily communicate progress to executives and teams. No in-app advertisements, no bloatware, and no connection to the internet. It’s designed to be used in any situation where your proposal must be protected, including in a SCIF environment. Save time, save money, boost Pwin!
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