Abnormal Security - Advanced Attack Protection

by Abnormal Security Corporation

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The Cloud-native Email Security Platform Built to Protect Your Organization from Advanced Attacks

Protect your Microsoft Office 365 environment with next-generation email security that uses the most advanced AI detection techniques to stop targeted phishing attacks. If you are a CISO or a leader responsible for your organization’s email security, Abnormal Security’s data-science-driven technology is the solution you need to protect your organization from a new breed of email threat that evades legacy solutions.

Abnormal Security’s Cloud-native Email Security Platform protects enterprises from advanced targeted attacks via anomalous behavior detection. A Microsoft Azure certified solution—and a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association—Abnormal leverages Azure AI to analyze your organization from the inside out. Abnormal Security develops a deep understanding of people, relationships, and business context and applies this understanding to stop advanced targeted attacks such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Vendor Email Compromise.

Abnormal deploys in seconds with no need for policy configurations.

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Email Protection -
Stop the full range of BEC attacks with an AI decision engine that computes thousands of signals to secure your business communications.

Email Account Compromise Detection - Stop the most difficult to detect attacks and identify and remediate compromised email accounts with confidence.

Incident Response Automation - Automate common tasks and correlate events to identify and surface incidents to security operations teams.

Automate Your Abuse Mailbox – Automatically determine if an email, whether it’s a standalone message or a part of a coordinated campaign sent to multiple employees, is safe or malicious.

To read more about our new approach to email security, take a look at our overview datasheet or dive into how we can help you get the most of your Microsoft investment with our Microsoft 365 whitepaper under “Learn More.”

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