ModernFlow - A Cloud Business Process Automation

by AccTech Systems (Pty) Ltd

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Get your company a robust workflow engine to automate and integrate any business process.

Leveraging Azure and Office 365, ModernFlow is your solution to automate, streamline and optimize business processes that will reduce cost, add control and improve productivity.

With ModernFlow, you will have the ability to simplify your business by automating recurring tasks or even orchestrating end-to-end enablement of business and systems processes.

Where to start with your business process automation journey? For instance, identify processes where it makes sense to automate, such as repetitive tasks or take existing manual processes and start inserting our tools to improve them.

Who is benefitting from ModernFlow

With ModernFlow you can digitally transform any business process - for example, Procure to Pay, Sales to Cash or HR and payroll in various industries.  Convert manual paper-based processes to a digital versions, automate manual time consume tasks though Integrations and Robotic Process Automation.
  • Seamlessly convert paper forms to electronic versions.
  • Process form though workflows to ensure business rules and policies are executed.
  • Leverage technologies like AI and Machine Learning to enhance processes.
  • Eliminate multiple system interfaces with Integrations and RPA.
  • Manage multiple data source connections of various types and platforms being Cloud based or on-premise.

Key Automation Areas

It focuses on all areas to enable you to automate processes no matter what the process or complexity is:
  • Integration-centric: Support process improvements involving a high degree of interactions between applications at a system-level, rarely involving human participants.
  • Human-centric: Focuses on the human element of the process while designing the workflow.
    • People-intensive: Consists of a high level of interaction between people involved in routing, approving and fulfilling requests.
    • Decision-intensive: Comprises thorough information gathering and timely invocation of applicable business rules and real-time analysis of business intelligence.
  • Document-centric: Makes use of scanned images or electronic documents to support approval, decision-making and planning efforts.
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