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Vera Virtual HR Assistant

Actionable Science

AI powered HR Helpdesk agent with inbuilt knowledgebase and common skills like password reset

Vera is first level HR support agent designed to handle and resolve all routine and repetitive questions and requests from your employees

Vera has several key features that allow companies to rapidly deploy and reduce support cost while improving employee experience

  • Inbuilt knowledgebase to answer common HR questions on policy, benefits or anything else
  • Prebuilt common tasks like W-4, I-9, eVerify etc.
  • Ability to automate end to end process of complex tasks like employee onboarding and life events
  • Real time analytics and insights into employee needs
  • Built in HR specific language model
  • Simple and powerful NLP training tools to improve performance
  • Inbuilt escalation to human live agents
  • In built case management capabilities for human collaboration
  • Prebuilt integrations with leading platforms

Vera is ready to join your HR support team as your next very helpful agent