XLSTAT Life Sciences


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A solution for biologists and medical researchers who require quick and accurate results

XLSTAT Life Sciences, the full-featured solution for life science specialists Life Sciences is a solution especially designed for researchers and practitioners of life sciences who want to apply well-known and validated methods to analyze their data and build on their research. Obtain your results in a few simple clicks without having to leave MS Excel where your data is stored. You will get to spend more time with what really matters: interpreting your results. As a biologist or medical researcher, use Cox or Kaplan-Meier models for survival analysis, compare methods with Passing and Bablok or Bland and Altman regressions, estimate the sample size your experiment should have with power analysis. Explore your huge OMICs datasets with our differential expression and heat map features. If you deal with complex psychological or social data, you will be able to explore survey data using well-known and established tools such as correspondence analysis, look for the factors that most influence psychological scores using regression, build mixed models that take into account item or respondent effects. Explore the complex relationships that may occur between latent variables such as intelligence, wellbeing and academic performance via structural equation modeling using partial least squares. Multiblock data analysis techniques are also available. As an ecologist, explore the relationships between tables (Multiple Factor Analysis, Redundancy analysis…), discover species niches (Canonical Correspondence Analysis), detect proteins that are differentially expressed (OMICs data analysis) or determine EC50 ecotoxicological doses. XLSTAT Life Science includes all of the Basic+ features in addition to methods specific to fields related to life sciences.

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