Adobe Experience Platform

by Adobe

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A platform that stitches data across the enterprise for real-time, personalized experiences.

Adobe Experience Platform solves customer challenges by providing an open, intelligent, real-time platform that accelerates time to value. With Experience Platform, businesses can do the following: • Centralize and standardize all data captured in Adobe Experience Cloud products. Or, configure API connectors to stream or batch data from any system. • Create dynamic, real-time customer profiles by stitching together all data -- CRM, behavioral, transactional, attribute, etc -- in milliseconds while also accounting for privacy constraints. • Enrich your understanding of that customer with SQL or AI/ML intelligence capabilities while ensuring proper governance. • Apply decisioning and orchestration to activate these enriched real-time customer profiles across any channel (one or many). Adobe Experience Platform is for any brand seeking to collect and organize data for a single view of customers, while accounting for taxonomies, governance rules, and privacy and user consent regulations. It also provides the specialized infrastructure needed to activate these customer profiles in event-driven, external systems in real time. Early digital transformation to deliver highly contextual and personalized experiences in real time is the ultimate competitive advantage for global businesses.

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