Car History Car dealer Aftersale CRM

by AFSO s.r.o.

Car History is IT solution designed for after-sale in the automotive industry.

Car History is designed for after-sale, created by dealers.
The application allows to keep a connection between the sellers and their clients and it has several important characteristics:

    Keeping in touch with customers to increase the level of loyalty.
    Thanks to automated communication, according to the manufacturer's maintenance plans, the customers will be notified on time when to visit the workshop again.
    The daily processing of Your information allows a permanent verification and filtering of Your customer and vehicle data.
    Via E-mails and SMS, Car History provides for each customer to be informed of the next date of their intervention according to the model of the car.
    Car History is compatible with most of the manufacturers and dealership management systems. It represents a multi-base, which contains all information about seller's locations and their customers.
    Car History is user-friendly. All of your employees will enjoy using it since it will make their job easier.

This application is available in French and German language.


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