Chat365 for Teams: Your Communication Hub


Create synergy across tools and teams, boost sales and provide great service within Microsoft Teams.

Deliver exceptional customer service, earn customer loyalty, boost online sales and team happiness

Traditional ways of engaging with customers are inefficient and expensive. Today customers want personalized and immediate answers.

Chat365 can help your customers or clients quickly complete a transaction, solve a problem, or get information and support. Chat365 is seamlessly integrated with your company’s website and Microsoft Teams. Great for internal use, too.

Key features and benefits

With Chat365, you can offer high-quality interaction from within your Microsoft Teams environment. For instance, you can send and receive files, copy and paste screenshots, or start a meeting.

Get notified and route messages intelligently
With Chat365 you get notified on Microsoft Teams when a visitor on your website (or web application) starts chatting. You can accept or deny the request or mention@ another member of your Team. Chats are organized in chronological order, and you have messages from multiple channels in one view. All chats remain stored, in Microsoft Teams.

Opening hours – online and offline
You can manage automatic replies if you are offline: your visitor can leave and e-mail address to be contacted by you. Later you can send a link to start a conversation or a meeting.

Personal and Team Chat
Chat365 enables visitors to chat with a specific team member (agent), but you can also include other members of your team. Furthermore, in the backend of Microsoft Teams environment, the agent can engage other team members in private chats (based on their skill levels, type of request or product) in order to gather as much information as possible, and then provide comprehensive answers to the client.

What you can do with Chat365

  • Customize colors, logos and automatic replies

  • Copy/paste screen shots

  • Send and receive files

  • Insert emoticons

  • Start a meeting from the chat

  • Get notified in Microsoft Teams, by e- mail, on your desktop

  • Engage multiple members in the same chat with a simple mention @

  • Multilingual

  • Unlimited team members

  • Unlimited number of conversations

At a glance