agtools® Ag & Food Supply Chain

by Agtools Inc

Real-time worldwide data solution for the 76 variables impacting the Supply Chain and Profitability

The agtools® system addresses supply chain management’s need for regularly updated, actionable data for clearer visibility into the marketplace for better buying and selling decisions.  Via a non-intrusive 24x7 SaaS model, the system supports retailers’ and suppliers’ advanced planning and demand forecasting, improving cross-functional collaboration, from planning to sales, to procurement, logistics and merchandising.  Industry wide information complements commodity specific prices, weather indexes and news, among other data elements.


Collected from official sources, the data is ingested, curated, analyzed and presented via a user-modifiable dashboard, providing unprecedented visibility and insights, supported by machine learning algorithms via the proprietary APExS system.  Data addresses over 500 commodities, is structured along the 76 variables that impact the supply chain, and has 20+ years of historical records.  


With agtools®, supply chain participants develop upstream and downstream sustainable strategies, consult advanced analytics and plan future activities.  The APExS based, commodity specific weather index, provides unparalleled visibility for procurement decisions, positively impacting product availability, range and freshness. Regularly updated pricing data provides users needed information for better and faster buying and selling decision, increasing sales and margins.


Built to scale, this blockchain agnostic platform processes up to 1T transactions per second (SHAKTI).  The data structure is designed for ingesting and processing structured and unstructured data.  ETL functions are embedded, allowing for a wide range of input sources, increasing the system’s versatility and adaptability to customer’s current and future requirements.

Users select their preferred commodities for tracking, user license/seats combination, and type of access to the information, from all-time access to daily reports.  

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