Aico Closing Tasks

by Aico Group Oy

Closing Task Manager for month and period close

Close faster, more accurately and with standardised processes across group companies

Aico Closing Task manager was created specifically to help finance close on time, providing a checklist of all relevant tasks, updated in real-time - while aware of holidays affecting the workday schedule. Aico brings all of your closing tasks across all of your legal companies into a single, highly efficient digital tool where you can monitor progress, ensure that internal controls are implemented, identify bottlenecks, and harmonise processes globally.

Standardise your process into Templates

Simple, configurable closing templates. Choose the data that you and your auditors want to see. Easy to add comments and attachments. Closing tasks can be given priority and risk ratings (supports even complex risk rating setups), and can be assigned to specific users and user groups. Instructions can be included in the template itself, as an attachment, or a hyperlink to an external document.


Automate and standardise closing tasks across your organisation. No need to run reports manually, just set up a single task to automate an ERP program with dynamic parameters and roll it out to all your companies. The right output will be automatically be attached to the right task users will be notified it is ready. Set a task, assign it to a recurring date and apply it to the relevant companies.

Period management

No need to open or close periods manually for every company – automate period management by defining tasks that open or close periods and sub-ledgers automatically based on predefined schedule and settings.

Dependent tasks

Both manual and automatic closing tasks can be configured to have multiple dependent tasks. Tasks are monitored and succeeding tasks are opened for execution only after the preceding task has been completed. Start dates and dependencies define the order of tasks. A preceding document must be completed and the start date must have arrived before the processing of a successor document can start.

Global visibility through configurable Dashboards

No more status calls. Aico dashboards and dashboard widgets are highly configurable allowing you to create virtually limitless views into what is going on where

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