Aico Journals

by Aico Group Oy

Harmonise and automate manual journal entry process across multiple ERP systems

Create, validate, and automate accounting journal entries

The Aico solution for Journal Entries has been purpose built for finance and accounting. It improves every step of manual journal entry process management, replacing manual and complex work with fast and efficient processes. Aico saves you time, delivers better control, quality and integrity as well as giving you visibility into your journal entry process.

Aico Journals automates the processing of your general ledger (GL) journals. Entering journals is easy and fast and allows your employees to focus on value-added tasks and on more complicated non-routine tasks. Certain data is filled in automatically, value lists are obtained directly from your ERP system, and the data is validated in real-time against your ERP rules. There are also other automation features, such as automatic creation of allocation and accrual journals as well as reversals. Aico provides complete visibility into your journal entry process status through configurable dashboards, advanced workflows as well as efficient and easy-to-use filters and search options.

Aico Journals has real-time integration multiple different ERP instances, versions or vendors from just one Aico instance.  This means we are able to connect to all of your data at the same time and give you a complete view of your finances, as a service, from your own Azure tenant.

Supported ERP systems include: Microsoft D365 Finance, Oracle, SAP, Unit4 Agresso/Business World

Key benefits of Aico Journal Entries solution:


Aico speeds up the process by enabling accountants to:

  • create new journals from configurable templates and validate all data fields in real-time against ERP 
  • creating new journals as copies from previous journal entries
  • set up recurring journal automations

  • Visibility

    Aico helps teams and individuals to keep track of journal process at any given time by:

  • Customisable real-time report dashboard
  • Defining roles and responsibilities within the team

    Streamlined workflows

    Aico improves workflows and eliminates journal approval bottleneck by:

    • Displaying tasks and responsibilities in real-time
    • Dynamics approvals based on configurable rules and amounts

    Automation means less manual work

    Aico reduces error prone manual work with:

  • Recurring journal automation
  • Journal reversal date automation
  • Connect to and pull data directly in real time from the underlying ERP system or systems without any need for exporting files.


    Aico offers easy access to audit trail by:

  • All journals, files and attachments are stored digitally
  • Automatic archiving of document data and supporting evidence
  • At a glance