AIMS Innovation


AIMS automates monitoring and analytics of Microsoft enterprise IT using AI and machine learning.


AIMS use Artificial Intelligence to automate and simplify IT Operations (AIOPS). AIMS Is a cloud / SaaS service collecting massive performance metrics from Microsoft centric IT systems such as SQL, BizTalk, IIS, Windows Servers and Azure IaaS and PaaS to provide deep insight into the performance of IT systems that deliver critical business processes. From a quick install (done in less than an hour) AIMS builds a rich digital fingerprint of how your business behaves down to low level code such as stored procedures in a database or network utilization in an Azure service or DTU in a Azure SQL service.


Using machine learning we identify deviations from your rich digital fingerprint (thousands of normal behavior metrics) and identify the cause and effect across your services and the business process impacted. Anomalies notifications are sent to users providing insight into where the anomaly originated and the effect. This allows IT teams to quickly identify the root cause and resolve problems before their end-customers are impacted.

Analytics, reports & dashboards

The rich data sourced from the various systems is used to develop reports and dashboard tailored to different stakeholders – such as developers, IT Ops, Line-Of-Business owners and executives. With AIMS, customers are able to reduce the manual heavy-lifting required by traditional or manual monitoring approaches and free up staff and at the same time get better, richer and more relevant reports and dashboards for users across the organization.

AIMS is used by small and large organizations across industries and they all look to leverage cutting edge IT Operations technologies to gain IT efficiency and ensure IT is a business driver for their organizations.

Install in less than one hour and let the AI do the work!

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