Akiro Anomaly Detection on IoT

by Akiro IO Inc

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Akiro’s operational intelligence solutions help enterprises quickly increase operational visibility

Akiro comprises of:
Advanced messaging (TCP, MQTT, Websockets, DLMS)
Anomaly detection and analytics capabilities

1. Akiro helps connect your devices using multiple protocols like TCP, MQTT, Websockets, DLMS
2. Akiro helps you collect your data from your devices/sensors and edges in different sampled intervals, filter them and draw analytics and insights from the data
3. Akiro’s AI helps you find the anomalies in your data, generate patterns and detect problems in the devices before they actually happen,so that your operational teams can act on them proactively.

which could power vertical application accelerators in several domains.

Akiro’s Instincts enables multiple capabilities –
ML in IoT; ML models can be trained and deployed in a self-serve manner on IoT time-series data;
Reliable acquisition of data at scale to unearth hidden insights;
Predict incidents proactively. Together, with these capabilities end customers benefit from advanced notifications for corrective actions thus saving them millions of dollars (e.g. in maintenance costs).

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