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Get the work done with Digital Colleagues

ALAIQ Digital Colleagues

Our approach in times of digitalisation is not to burden employees with additional software, but to support them with a Digital Colleague. This Digital Colleague can handle many tasks directly using our proprietary AI technology, based on the rule of thumb: Anything that a human can see and edit (PDFs, handwritten notes, emails, etc.), the Digital Colleague can also. Digital Colleagues support employees, for example, in all areas of supply chain management and operations management - from production planning to tactical purchasing and customer service through to quality management and many more.

Our Digital Colleagues take over complete activities and provide significant support in day-to-day business.

As they are based on various AI technologies, you do not have to programme a Digital Colleague. Instead, you train them. They come to your company with a ready-made skillset that can be expanded and improved with your input. In our world, humans & machines learn together and in collaboration.

This leads to a true hybrid learning organisation that is constantly improving and striving for new goals and higher performance every day.

Let us show you in practice how easily and successfully Digital Colleagues will shape the working world of tomorrow, without a platform and without extensive process analyses.

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It's so easy to work with Digital Colleagues:

With tasks descriptions that can be configured independently by you (and selected people in your company), you give Digital Colleagues immediately executable tasks that can be adapted and changed at any time to meet individual requirements. You are in control at all times. Digital Colleagues can be asked questions at any time via Teams or email, which are answered in the shortest possible time. The integration of various Microsoft solutions eliminates the need to switch between systems, install any apps and enter data more than once. Digital Colleagues work without a platform!

The constantly improving skills of Digital Colleagues, which form the basis for their work, offer important advantages:

  • Seamless data integration with Teams, Microsoft 365, Exchange, Outlook, ERP systems (including SAP, SalesForce, etc.)
  • Fast Onboarding of Digital Colleagues up to full productivity (approx. 6-8 weeks) (already partially productive during Onboarding)
  • Constant availability (24/7)
  • World-class security through Microsoft Azure and TÜV IT Security

Who needs Digital Colleagues?

Your employees need more freedom for human activities such as communication and creativity. Relieving their workload is the key to being more human again. Our Digital Colleagues help you to achieve this goal by taking over all of your employees' data-related tasks directly from the homeOffice via Teams or e-mail communication. This frees up your employees' time for better interpersonal communication with suppliers, customers, colleagues and employees; for creative work and independent thinking to further improve internal processes. With our Digital Colleagues, you can lead your company in a forward-looking direction in which a shortage of skilled labour is no longer an issue.

Why choose Digital Colleagues?

  • Extensive experience with Microsoft/Azure and proven software implementations
  • Fast onboarding, with minimal IT effort
  • Based in Germany, we develop, implement and support the software - full accountability
  • The software can be configured, controlled and customised independently at any time
  • Developed for integration via a number of interfaces
  • Makes the best of your existing workflows

Let's work together!

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