Miya Precision


Get in contact with Alcidion to learn how we can Make Information Your Asset.

This introductory offer provides a contact into Alcidion to explore how our Miya Precision Platform can be used to unlock your organisations data and make it your asset.  We have deep integration, analytics, and product expertise in the healthcare and IT space, and have built our Platform using open and interoperable standards that will future proof your digital strategy.

Miya Precision is a next generation healthcare analytics platform that solves clinical problems with AI, clinical decision support (CDS) and real time alerts to reduce clinical risk and prevent poor patient outcomes. As an open standards based platform, Miya Precision leverages FHIR to overcome interoperability issues, so you can unleash the power in your data to drive real change and improvement, hospital wide. Designed to meet the varying needs of clinicians and other hospital staff, Miya Precision is intuitive and easy to use, ensuring high levels of user adoption.

How it works.
  • Miya Precision combines AI-based predictive analytics, Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and mobile alerts in one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Real-time data visualisations highlight critical data needed to make informed decisions at every level, from hospital operations and patient flow monitoring down to complexity metrics and patient deterioration risk.
  • Miya Precision leverages FHIR to overcome interoperability issues and drive ongoing improvement in your operations. An open standards platform, Miya Precision integrates with any source system from PAS to an EMR.